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The Marine Asia Pacific pivot – Le pivot maritime Asie Pacifique

The « Asia Pacific pivot » refers to the US Strategy to balance its international involvement between Middle-East and Asia. More widely, the pivot concept can be extended to various contries or actors  in this areas, including the Charitable trusts. By so, … Continuer la lecture

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How to create certitude through communication – les techniques de création de certitudes en communication

This article summarizes various tools and techniques to create certitude in communication: an interview of a specialist (in French)à explains the main tips ; we can discover how far these tips were used by the Blue Charity Business ; an … Continuer la lecture

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PEW and the geostrategic issues in the Pacific Ocean – PEW et les enjeux géostratégiques du Pacifique

Overlapping various information layers in regards with various issues in the Pacific Oceans (Rare Earth, Tuna, Defense) shows a strong coincidence between them and the areas of activities of the Charitable trusts  – Superposer différentes couches d’information en relation avec … Continuer la lecture

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Continental Shelf extension, Marine Rare Earth and UNCLOS – Extensions de plateau continental, terres rares, CNUDM

This article presents the various ongoing trends regarding the Law of the Seas (UNCLOS), and especially regarding continental Shelf extension and exploitation of marine mining in the Highseas (above 200 NM). The role of PEW Charitable trusts is presented, keeping … Continuer la lecture

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